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Our Services

At Group III Computing, we apply over 25 years of expertise in the Information Technology industry to provide innovative solutions to business problems. We can design and implement custom software, tune existing systems, or create market-ready software products.

Custom Software Design and Programming: We have extensive experience with the design, programming and implementation of custom software solutions. We can create completely new packages or integrate with existing software.  Our primary focus is products for the Windows operating systems using Visual Basic (6.0 and .NET), Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (7.0, 2000 and 2005).

Shrink-Wrap Software: From concept to market-ready product, we have produced software products to client specifications that are ready for market. Whether your vision is a salable application for a specific market, or an add-on on enhancement to your existing products, we can produce a software product that is packaged and ready to go.  "Shrink Wrap" software is a completely different class of project than a custom application. Installation scripts, integrated Help systems, licensing and packaging are all necessary when we create bulletproof software for the general public.  We have produced several software products in-house and for clients that are in general distribution. Bring us your vision and we can make it a reality.

IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation: Sometime when we create new software, the environment in which it is used changes also. New software can require new workstations, servers and infrastructure. Our networking and infrastructure team can design and implement the hardware solutions necessary for new software and systems. Whether the environment is small or large, centralized or spread around the world, we have designed and installed workstations, servers and support equipment.

Training and Mentoring: Once a software project has been completed, we can provide training to your staff in its use.  Also, we can provide technical training to persons responsible for the ongoing support and maintenance of software we provide. Of course we are always available should any enhancements or troubleshooting be required.

Group III also has developed mentoring programs for business that want to jump start their in house IT development staff.  We are currently provide mentoring to clients in the development of Shrink Wrap software, programming for Microsoft Access and Visual Basic programming with SQL Server 2005.