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Their Check is Your Payment Coupon

Group III Computing is pleased to announce QuikCkeQ Payment Entry System. QuikCheQ PES has been in development for the last 18 months under the auspices of the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Empower program.  We are currently performing Quality Assurance testing prior to Beta testing and expect QuikCheQ PES to be available in the second quarter of 2007.

What is QuikCheQ PES?

QuikCheQ is a hardware and software data entry solution for businesses that process customer payments in the form of checks.  Unlike other systems that require payment coupons or laborious lookup of customer accounts during payment processing, QuikCheQ removes the drudgery of payment entry and dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of payment processing.

How does it work?

A QuikCheQ PES consists of software specific to your accounting solution and includes a document scanner designed especially for checks.  The scanners are manufactured by MagTek, a leader in MICR check scanning and Point of Sale document imaging.

When a customer's payment is to be entered, you use the same payment entry form you normally use, but scan the customer's check instead of entering the Customer ID.  If QuikCheQ has seen the bank account for this customer before, it automatically enters the Customer ID, check number and amount for you, accurately and quickly.  QuikCheQ keeps a copy of the check for your records and maintains a log and deposit slip.  QuikCheQ also performs fraud detection and can alert the person entering the check to special circumstances regarding that customer's account (for instance no payments should be accepted).  

If QuikCheQ does not recognize the check, then you locate the Customer as you normally would, then scan the check again.  QuikCheQ learns your customer list as you enter payments! 


The QuikCheQ software seamlessly integrates with various Windows-based accounting packages including QuickBooks, MAS90, Solomon Accounting and Microsoft's Small Business Accounting 2006.

QuikCheQ is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.  We are currently evaluating compatibility with Windows Vista.

QuikCheQ can utilize various data repositories including Microsoft Access and SQL Server.